Zelda Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch Gets a Minor Patch Update

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Nintendo has been pretty slow in rolling out updates and bug fixes for the newly released Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild game.

While developers who make games for Xbox One and PS4 consoles are very quick when it comes to fixing bugs, Nintendo Switch which has the Breath of Wild as the only AAA title to play with has been quite slow in terms of fixing the issues. Players earlier reported that the infinite arrow glitch has been very annoying as it gave an unfair advantage and spoiled the gameplay experience.

Zelda Breath of the Wild

The newly released patch update version 1.1.2 didn’t come with a patch note in true Nintendo style. The developers claim that they have made a couple of changes to the Breath of Wild making it more plesant to play. Obviously, no game company can create such patch notes for their title as it might make gamers literally furious. However, everything and anything is usually acceptable in the world of Nintendo where the games are still at least a decade old with cartoon like graphics that players around the globe continue to enjoy.

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The team released an update a couple of days ago. Players could experience visible performance improvements in the game as it allowed them to use their Nintendo Switch console to its best level. The same update has been rolled out for Wii U version as well but compared to the hyped handheld console, the old generation platform didn’t receive much attention.

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Gaming on the go is fun for any gamer and being able to play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is something so unique that players willingly spent $300 and more to own the console. However, it was slightly disappointing to know that the game didn’t perform as intended even though it was almost playable as a whole. The game is very expansive with a large world to explore and could possibly be compared to Skyrim even though the graphics are not something to write home about.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

In the patch note, the company also announced that they are going to launch the new Expansion Pass which will allow gamers to go even further and explore the game to its maximum extent. The highlight is that you can play anywhere and come back home to simply roll the Switch in the dock to enjoy 1080p gaming on your big screen television. The controllers are equally portable and compact to use making gaming fun.