ZTE Quartz Next Android Wear Smartwatch to Watch Out For, Enabled with Latest Android Wear 2.0

ZTE Quartz

VentureBeat reports that ZTE is probably coming up with an Android Wear smartwatch, codenamed as Quartz.

This is not surprising that the latest Android Wear version 2.0 will soon be launched, so there might be several new smartwatches in the making.

ZTE Quartz

Twitter Leak

Android Wear has not yet entered the mainstream of users, but many manufacturers are ready to release their 2nd gen or even 3rd gen smartwatches, with many new companies also joining the ecosystem of smartwatches.

Guessing at Specs

VentureBeat has not offered many details regarding the new smartwatch, so much of it is merely speculation. The rumored ZTE Quartz smartwatch was noticed obtaining the Bluetooth certification in the name of ZW10. It showed that the connectivity of the watch comes with UMTS 3G. This means that there will be some kind of cellular function.

Time of Release

According to VentureBeat, the information is that the smartwatch is still in the process of development. This means that we cannot expect a release of the ZTE Quartz Android Wear any time soon. However, the MWC event is soon coming up and ZTE could make an announcement at the event.

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Image Leaked on Twitter

A leaked photograph of the ZTE Quartz was seen on Twitter. The name ZTE Quartz and the image seen above come from a leak by Evan Blass @evleaks made on Twitter. He has an excellent record of getting images of new devices early. The image is a little blurry and it seems as if it is not an actual photograph but rather a CG rendering, but the news seems to be a real deal. According to Evan Blass, we need not wait too long to know whether the information is true, as Google will be revealing the latest version of its Android Wear, the 2.0 version on the 8th of February, so ZTE might very soon announce the smartwatch.

Enabled with Android Wear 2.0

It seems that ZTE is planning to join the smartwatches offering Android Wear 2.0, which is the latest update. The ZTE Quarts comes with Wi Fi as well as cellular connectivity. It will have the ability to be paired with the Android version of 4.3 and upward. In addition, the rumored smart watch could also come with the capabilities of calls being made or received on the wrist of the user, according to news from VentureBeat.

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Showcasing at MWC

It is rumored that ZTE will showcase the new ZTE Quartz or another version at the MWC 2017 to be held later on this month. In the same MWC event held last year, the company had announced two new smartwatches, namely Venus 1 and the Venus 2, but these two devices are mainly activity trackers.

ZTE Quartz Android Wear Smartwatch

Lixin Cheng, the CEO of ZTE had informed CNET that the company would be releasing the first Android Wear smartwatch during this year. The watch would come with LTE cellular connections and would also have a bigger battery life than usual, so that users could use it independently from their smartphone.

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