Nintendo Switch Ships Sans Web Browser on Release

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is being released on the 3rd March, but it will be shipped without a web browser at least at launch time.

According to a report from Time, Tatsumi Kimishima, the CEO and the president of the company, has stated that Nintendo has made a lot of effort while making the Nintendo Switch a dedicated video gaming platform. However, the platform will not offer support for web browsers, at least at the time of its launch.

Nintendo Switch

Not Surprising

The news does not come as much of a surprise, as Nintendo has given the same explanation for why the device will not come with video streaming applications like Netflix. However, Netflix is not exactly related to playing a video game, whereas a web browser is very closely connected and shipping without the latter could be an issue. For instance, users might feel the necessity for a web browser in order to go online when using public Wi-Fi networks. Nintendo has designed its Wii U browser, which can be used by players while in the midst of a game.

Services after the Launch

It is probable that the services of a web browser might be available for the Nintendo Switch after the launch. However, it is clear that the company is not mincing words in this matter. The Nintendo Switch will be launching on the 3rd of March this year at a price of around $468.95, but it will ship without the web browser at the time of launch.

Nintendo Switch UI

Details of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo had announced the Switch some days back, a handheld game console, which is the successor for the Wii 2. Gamers received the latter very poorly, whereas the new Nintendo Switch can be used independently as a handheld gaming device. Buyers will receive the gaming console along with 2 Joy con controllers. There will also be a Joy con grip and two Joy con wrist straps. It will also include a dock and HDMI cable along with the AC adapter. The company has made it simple for third party developers to produce games suitable for the upcoming Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Success of Fire Emblem Heroes

Tatsumi Kimishima has also noted in the interview with Time that the Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s latest mobile game, has had more than a million downloads during the initial half a day of its availability. The game has already garnered more than $4 million in terms of revenue for the company. The Fire Emblem Heroes has a gameplay that is similar to the gacha Japanese games and at present, it is among the top grossers in the mobile apps in the App store of Japan.

Nintendo 3DS

Successor to Nintendo 3DS

In the interview with TIME, the president of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, has also made remarks regarding a successor to the 3DS from Nintendo. The company is not considering creating a successor for the Nintendo 3DS. They are still considering moveable techniques and ways of bringing moveable game techniques. They are pondering on different methods for carrying on the moveable game business.

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