$10 Million – That’s The Amount PUBG Mobile Cheat Makers Have Been Asked To Shell Out as Compensation!

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A hacking group, which had recently been in news for making cheats for PUBG Mobile, will now have to pay a heavy price for their unscrupulous activities.

The members of the group have been ordered to pay an amount of $10 million to compensate for the damages caused by them. PUBG developers have stated that they will use this money towards developing anti-cheat technology.

As per the information laid out in a press release, Germany and US based federal courts have ruled in favor of Tencent Games and Krafton, publishers of PUBG. The lawsuit was filed by the publishers against the hacking group’s members who were notorious for creating and sharing cheats in PUBG.

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As per the ruling, the defendants will have to pay the publishers around $10 million USD as compensation. Apart from this, the group has also been given strict instructions to provide the authorities with details of the methods they applied to exploit the game to their advantage. They have been warned not to engage in any illegal activities in the near future.

After the legal win, Rick Li, who is a Producer at Tencent Games PUBG Mobile, said, “Millions of players worldwide enjoy PUBG Mobile and we will ensure a level playing field for everyone. Sadly, the actions of hacker groups undermine the fairness of the game. These Judgements send a clear message that we will not tolerate cheating in PUBG Mobile”.

Minu Lee, who heads the PUBG Mobile Product Development at Krafton, has assured gamers that publishers will leave no stone unturned to monitor the activities happening inside the game in the near future.

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“Fun and fairness is the bedrock of the PUBG Mobile experience and cheating in any form will not be tolerated. As such, we will continue enforcing our IP rights with unwavering resolve against any who seek to tarnish or misuse them”, he stated.

While this proved to be an important win for PUBG Mobile, other online multiplayer gaming publishers are hopeful about the fact that it will send an important message across the gaming industry. With a large number of free-to-play online games arriving in the market on a regular basis, one gets to hear about players cheating while playing a game almost every day. Apart from PUBG Mobile, this issue has been widely discussed in the gaming communities of Call of Duty: Warzone, Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042.

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