Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Upset With Lack of DLC Content

Red Dead Online

Recently, Red Dead Online players decided to launch a social media campaign with the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline.

Fans believe that Rockstar Games has been very lethargic and it’s high they adopt some course correction methods to make up for lack of DLC content in the game. Fans have some legitimate questions and going by their online behavior, they are in no mood to wait for a long time for the answers to arrive.

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Fans have questioned as to why the developing team is rolling out bonus events for Red Dead Online’s existing game modes. They find this bizarre as other games from the company like Grand Theft Auto 5 receive content and story updates quite regularly.

This protest (and hashtag) by fans is a result of a press release put up on the official website of Rockstar Games. Recently, Rockstar Games put up an announcement stating that it will offer bonus XP and Gold Bars to different game modes. The gaming publisher also stated that it would provide good discount offers on existing cosmetics.

Rockstar, however, hasn’t divulged any information on additional content so far. This implies that for almost half a year, Red Dead Online will be deprived of new modes, stories and missions. Though the game received a bunch of updates in 2020, the Blood Money update was the last major update it received. That update came through way back in July 2021.

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Fans have pointed out that while GTA Online continues to get a lot of attention from Rockstar Games, the gaming publisher has meted out step-motherly treatment to Red Dead Online. Last month, GTA Online received a fresh new update that marked Franklin’s return to the game. Dr. Dre, the hip rapper, too made his comeback to the game. This left Red Dead Online fans infuriated.

Innumerable fans have tweeted with the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline and expressed their displeasure over the recent turn of events. Many fans have stated that Rockstar Games would be committing a grave mistake by ignoring the large community that is made of Read Dead Online’s fans.

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