$100K for GTA 5 Source Code – That’s What Somebody Shelled Out

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A recent incident has proven to be a rude shock for Grand Theft Auto 5 fans.

As per Michael, a gaming enthusiast who is quite active on Twitter, a gamer lost out on $100,000 in a scam. This particular bought a source code provided by a hacker a few days back. A while later, the hacker stated that it was not him but an impersonator. According to the hacker, many individuals are impersonating him in order to scam gamers.

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In the recent past, the GTA series has been in the news because of some high-profile leaks carried out by a hacker. This resulted in the gaming industry, making speculations on who this hacker could be. Since the identity of the hacker is slightly ambiguous, many seem to be taking advantage of it.

Michael has shared details of this source code buying incident. He has confirmed that the buyer paid a sum of $1,00,000 to purchase the source code from the person who was impersonating the hacker. Since the hacker has confirmed the fact that it was not him, this was definitely a well-planned scam.

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Despite all this controversy, the original hacker doesn’t seem to have any plans of taking a break. A few days back, Michael stated that the hacker had made a comeback to Telegram and had declared that he will release a GTA 6 internal document soon.

However, one must mention here that the hacker hasn’t done anything notorious after Michael revealed his real identity on Twitter. The hacker seems to be a 16-year-old teenager who is heading the Lapsus$ ransomware gang. This is the same gang that was responsible for the much talked about Uber hack that was reported a while ago. The gang has also been accused of stealing information from companies like Microsoft, Ubisoft and Samsung.

Rockstar Games and Uber are communicating with the FBI and the US Department of Justice to ensure that the hacker is tracked soon and put behind the bars. Uber has released an official confirming this development.

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