Rockstar Games Tightens Up Its Security After Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak


A Grand Theft Auto 6 leak, which came to the fore recently, offered one a glimpse of footage pertaining to the game that one hadn’t seen earlier.

While there have been leaks in the past, this was a big one. Since Rockstar Games is known to have a very confidential approach to games that are under development, one would expect the gaming publisher to be extremely upset about this.

Now, Rockstar Games taking some important steps to ensure no such leak happens in the future. As per the latest reports, the company is working towards strengthening its security system so that no information about the development of GTA 6 goes out there. Rockstar itself has accepted the fact that its systems were breached.

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Through an official post shared on Twitter, the company expressed its disappointment over the recent incident. Interestingly, it became the most-liked tweet posted by Rockstar ever. While the post made it clear that Rockstar was disturbed over the recent developments, it also showed that fans didn’t wish for such things to happen either.

The intensive work on GTA 6 has led to Rockstar hiring a large number of people for different positions on a regular basis. Some of their recent recruitments have also indicated the company setting up a team to ensure no leak takes place.

Rockstar is currently hiring individuals for the position of ‘Investigation Analyst’. There is also a description of the job. When you read it, you get to know exactly what their requirements are. They are looking for a candidate that can safeguard the games and services offered by the company against hackers, exploiters, cheaters, and anybody who is trying to do something that is against the interests of the company.

The job was first listed on June 10, 2022, and was updated on September 23, 2022. It is quite clear that whoever works as an Investigation Analyst for Rockstar Games would have to work very hard towards ensuring that no data or information pertaining to GTA 6 gets leaked.

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