2018 BMW 1 Series Style Changes, Specifications and New Platform Detailed

2018 BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1 series models are going strong ever since their debut in 2004 but the automobile brand is planning to revamp it on a large scale to make it relevant to the modern day buyers.

The premium hatchback is going to undergo some major changes right from its external design to powertrains, performance and the platform on which it is being constructed. The third generation model is expected to be available in stores by 2019 but the announcement could be made at least a year earlier. BMW is going for a front wheel drive system with its 1 series models built on the UKL platform. The particular platform is already being used by the MINI and the BMW X1 models.

2018 BMW 1 Series rear

If buyers are satisfied with the performance and ease of use of the new platform, they will obviously go for it without any second thoughts, according to BMW. The designers have also removed the propshaft and the car now how has a much longer wheelbase because of the new platform. The changes will provide increased cabin space for the passengers and will also allow them to store more cargo. The overall size, width and height of the car will change offering more headroom to ensure a comfortable ride.

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Despite these prominent changes, 2018 BMW 1 series model is not going to undergo drastic modifications on the exterior. The car’s design, front grille and rear end are appealing to majority of buyers even in 2017. The team will make some minor alterations to make it look sharper but will not modify it completely. Some noticeable changes include slim looking LED headlights, softer body panels, kidney grille and a sleek appearance. Many of the design cues look like they were inspired by the BMW 5 series which seems like a wise choice to make.

2018 BMW 1 Series

With the UKL platform, BMW 1 series will shed some of its weight but it is not going to go fast but rather focus on fuel efficiency and practical usage scenario. The car can accommodate only 4-cylinder engines and will use a xDrive four-wheel drive system. The improvements will allow the 1 series to compete with top end models including the Mercedes AMG A45, Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS.

Apart from the 2018 BMW 1 series model, the brand is also expected to launch 2 Series Coupe and Convertible variants with a front-wheel drive setup.