Porsche and Audi Team Up to Bring Electric Tech into Cheaper Volkswagen Models

Porsche and Audi Team Up

The two big manufacturers in the automotive industry are coming together.

Porsche and Audi have announced that they are going in for a partnership to create the electric platform for future cars.

While they are rivals in the industry, the partnership allows them to get an edge in the electric car segment. Besides, almost every other top brand from the past are now going against Tesla, the electric car maker who has found a new glory in the automatic segment. Making the announcement, they also confirmed that the shared vehicle platform will allow them to create cars that are large enough to accommodate electric motors, batteries, as well as versatile enough to have autonomous capabilities on them.

Porsche Mission E

“We are proud of this announcement because the best brains in both brands are going to work together so as to build the technology of the future. We have a lot of shared values in common and our team is always on the lookout to find the best solutions in every category so that our customers receive the latest and greatest,” said Rupert Stadler, Audi’s boss.

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Porsche’s head Oliver Blume has a similar thought and he said, “We will always love to work together wherever it makes sense. Being partners will no way affect our individual goals. The Porsche will always be a Porsche and the car’s identity is not going to go anywhere just because we are partnering with a new brand.”

Many customers are fully aware of the fact that Porsche and Audi belong to the Volkswagen group. They have been sharing technologies throughout the years. Porsche Macan uses many components that are being used by Audi’s Q5 SUV. Volkswagen has its strong MEB electric platform but the these companies will come together to develop an electric platform that is way above what VW currently uses for its cars.

Porsche and Audi partnership will lead to the creation of vehicles of the future, possibly 2025. Cars about to be get launched in that year will be fully electrified and fully autonomous ushering in a new era of technology in the world of automobiles.

Porsche and Audi Team Up

With Audi in their backend, Volkswagen has already made significant improvements in their electric car segment and with Porsche, they will be able to bring in expensive innovations to cars like SEAT, Skoda which normally can’t afford such pricey electric technology. After introducing EVs on the top end, the brands are now working to make it affordable for the average buyer.