BMW will Introduce Over-the-Air Software Updates for All its Cars in Near Future

BMW i8

Following the trend set by Tesla, BMW is planning to soon introduce over the air software updates for all its models.

The improvement is expected to make cars stay updated with latest changes and pave way for a more autonomous future.

Speaking about the upcoming change, Ian Robertson a member of the board commented that users will be able to see the upgrade pretty soon. Sending updates over the air has been a concerning choice for automobile brands because they are traditionally not used to such scenarios. Mercedes Benz only allows these updates through their dealers whereas BMW has developed a dedicated app and a team of 300 people are working to ensure there are no security concerns with regards to it.

BMW Introduce Air Software Update

The company’s primary goal is to deliver a great after sales experience for BMW owners so as to boost brand integrity and encourage people to come back to the brand for their next car. Roberston added that while it is much safer to roll out these updates through a dealer, some people are not comfortable in driving to their dealer to get the update. Rolling it out over the air just like it is done for smartphones and computers was made popular by Tesla and their buyers received it well.

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BMW has developed the Connected app to make things more intuitive and allow users to control the car using the app. A range of tasks can be carried out using the app including remote locking, climate control and navigation system. The automobile manufacturer has also planned to tie up with big brands like Amazon which will be able to deliver physical packages to their owner irrespective of the location.

BMW i8

The ever growing world of battery technology is expected to have a significant impact on fuel cells and their future, according to BMW’s Robertson. They may overtake fuel cells and electric cars like the i3, i8 could be the models that the company focuses on in the near future. BMW has sold about 100,000 cars in their electrified i series in the past three years but the strategic planners confirmed that it may sell the same 100,000 cars within a year, possibly in 2017 as customers are increasingly interested in adopting EVs as their next choice of car.

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With over the air updates for cars, it’s easy for customers owning a BMW car or any brand for that matter. It also leads to increasing security concerns which should be addressed to avoid hackers gaining access to vehicles.