The Sims 4 Devs Talk About 2021 and the Game’s Future Updates

sims 4 2020

The Sims 4 as a game had a fantastic year both for veteran players and newcomers who hopped in purely for the pandemic situation.

Either way, it is one of the best ways to wade off your time especially when people couldn’t travel much. Many of the DLCs and expansion packs released in 2020 became a huge success that the developers are already positive about their plans for the game in 2021.

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After a three month wait, the developers rolled out the skin tone update. Many players opined that they couldn’t represent themselves precisely because of the lack of darker skin tones. While there were tens of fair skin tones to choose from, the brownish and black audience couldn’t really represent themselves in the virtual world. The Sims 4 people fixed it with a massive update which was one of the phenomenal achievements of the year and along with it, came a slew of bug fixing and patches which made the game even better.

Talking about the Future of Sims

While in an earlier interview the game’s producer already commented that they have no plans to quickly release the Sims 5. Instead, they still believed that the current game has so much potential and can continue to deliver some quality content for the title.

Graham Nardone, producer of the game further confirmed that they are quite happy with everything they have achieved in the past years. The player community has been immensely supportive of their efforts which is why they could continue to deliver what they expect.

sims 4 2020

“Besides, the amount of content one could create is enormous. We still have so many diverse topics that we never touched and would like to cover. After all, we can’t just stop at this point and there is always more content to be delivered to the player base. It is a problem that we would love to face because it drives us forward,” he commented.

Making it Inclusive

Many players who are in a wheelchair or disabled in some way would like to be represented in the virtual world of the Sims 4. The producer further confirmed that they have already discussed these things with their team and would like to include such characters in the future.

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Instead of trying to add it as a new feature or an add-on pack, it should be part of the game itself as well as the Sims 5 whenever it gets released. It was his take on making the game more inclusive and allowing all players to represent themselves.

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