The Sims 4 Paranormal is All About Bonehilda, Bugs Spotted Before Launch

sims 4 paranormal

The Paranormal Stuff Pack update is being rolled out but the bugs have already been spotted and they are all still in their pre-pack patch stages.

Bonehilda was supposed to be left in peace so she could sleep or rather die but the developers want to bring her back.

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When the announcement was made that the skeletal woman will make her comeback in the new update, many players were not so happy with it. They opined that she was already in a bad fate but bringing her back alive again and again leads to annoying consequences. One of the fun yet disturbing bugs spotted in the Sims 4 is that being a skeleton, when she drinks water everything falls on the floor and creates a water puddle.

sims 4 paranormal

The January update is confirmed to be messing up the game for both base game owners and those who have pre-ordered the Paranormal ghostly stuff pack. The new DLC is expected to get launched on the 26th of January which will once again kick off a series of packs for the Sims 4 game. After all, the developers at Maxis want to bring in packs with a bang in 2021 and they are doing it right by launching the first one as early as January.

Ghosts Affecting Normal People

Bonehilda is a skeleton and her not being able to drink water is an obvious issue. However, the same being applied to all the humans in the world seems abnormal. Every time a Sims sip a drink, a beer in the pub or in the bed, they find water puddles being left on the floor. Players have started exploring this in various formats and every time, water is left on the floor or seat almost making it appear as if the sims peed on the seat when they sat down.

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A video has been posted on YouTube which should give you a clear idea of how annoying these Bonehilda water puddles are. EA help forums are filled with people complaining about this especially those who have purchased the Paranormal pack and are looking forward to building a series of ghost stories around it. You can also choose to upload your glitch video so that the developers can look into it and fix it. Water puddles may not so annoying but they are everywhere now and should be fixed by EA soon, we hope.

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