6 new Huawei/Honor Smartphones and 4 new Smartwatches Certified by Bluetooth SIG

Huawei watches

Just a day after as many as 16 Huawei/Honor smartphones were certified by the Bluetooth SIG body, 8 more smartphones and 4 new smartwatches have been certified today.

The new list of devices certified today in two separate Bluetooth SIG listings include only the model variants. Apart from this, we don’t have any other details about any of these phones or watches.

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The model numbers/codenames of the smartphones include BPA, CSA, CYA, GAA, KEP, LIO, NIA and TAS. These would support Bluetooth version 5.1

The model numbers/codemanes of the smartwatches include HOO, MIN, OLI and RON. These watches would support Bluetooth version 5.0

The phones with codename ‘TAS’ have already appeared in Bluetooth listings and these are expected to belong to the Mate 30 series. The phones codenamed ‘LIO’ have also appeared in Bluetooth but we have had no other details about this. It’s worth mentioning that both the devices have been certified by TENAA as well so they will for sure release in China.

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All other model numbers have been spotted for the first time so we don’t have anything else to report about them.

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16 Phones + 5 Tablets + 5 Watches

Just yesterday, we found the codenames of as many as 16 new smartphones, 5 new smartwatches and 5 tablets in multiple Bluetooth SIG listings. Other than the codenames LIO and TAS for smartphones, all 14 other smartphone model variants were spotted for the first time ever. Similarly, none of the 5 tablets and 5 new smartwatches have been spotted anywhere else.

These phones, tablets and watches may be released under either Huawei or Honor branding. We are not sure about the branding yet. However, one thing is for sure. Huawei and Honor have several upcoming devices and is guaranteed to flood the market with so many devices in the second half of 2019 and in 2020 as well!