Here’s why The Sims 5 Release Date could be set only in 2020

The Sims 5

When should the fans expect The Sims 5 to be released? Is the developer already working on it?

With popular video games, fans are never satisfied; they always want more. Even as one version of the game is released, speculations start on when the next version would be out. The Sims franchise is no exception. Electronic Arts and Maxis are the firms responsible for developing and releasing the game. The developers hardly give away much on when they would launch the next version of a game. Those keeping a close watch on the sidelines, pick some remark here or an observation there to come up with a possible date.

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Expectation at the E3 2019 Did Not Materialize

There was definitely a heightened expectation among the fans that EA would make some kind of an announcement on the Sims 5 but it didn’t. This has immediately led the observers to conclude that the developer does not have plans of releasing it this year. Why would there be the expectation that Sims 5 should be out this year? The fans try and follow the pattern the developer employs while releasing their successive versions of the game.

The Sims 4 Stuff Packs

In the case of Sims, EA has generally taken 5 years to bring on a new version. By that reckoning, 2019 is the year you should have seen Sims 5 released. The perspective from the developer’s end, however, is slightly different. They look at how Sims 4 is doing currently and then take the call. At least one dedicated team at EA would have started working on Sims 5, just the week after the Sims 4 was released.

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The Sims 4 Going Great Guns

Sims 4 is still a very popular game with the fans. This is where EA and Maxis are not sure they would want to rush in with Sims 5. The game has been downloaded some 30-40 million times which speaks of its immense popularity. If you consider that 10 million of these downloads have been in 2018 alone, a full 4 years after the game was released, there is really no need to say much more.

If you are a fan of the Sims game, enjoy the Sims 4 in all its glory with the latest DLCs and new characters. The developer may be planning for a release in 2020, depending on how it goes from now till then. EA may not stretch it too much.