Rockstar Games Might Drop a Hint Regarding the Release Date of GTA 6


When the next earnings report of Rockstar Games comes through, fans could get to hear exciting news pertaining to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Rockstar Games Might Drop a Hint Regarding the Release Date of GTA 6 for Xbox Series X and PS5 Fans This Week. Publisher Take-Two Interactive is expected to reveal major information revolving around sales and DLC plans for this year.

The next earnings report will be published on May 18 but you should not expect to come across news directly related to Grand Theft Auto 6. Though one shouldn’t expect a direct announcement, there are strong rumors about some information coming in regarding the release date of GTA 6 this week.

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Whenever the official news comes, it will come from Rockstar Games. At the moment, the company is busy with its plans of introducing GTA 5 on Xbox Series X and PS5. Take-Two Interactive, on its part, has made its stance clear and stated that it won’t reveal anything about the GTA 6 release date in the near future.

However, as is known, the company talks about its future plans and ideas during Earnings Call and therefore, this is the time when they can drop some hints about their future course of action. May 18 will witness the commencement of the Q4 Take-Two Interactive Software Earnings Conference Call.

Apart from getting an idea about the GTA 6 release date, one also expects to get a glimpse into the kind of plans Rockstar Games has in mind for Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles.

“For the expanded community of Grand Theft Auto Online, the journey through this ever-evolving world will continue on the latest generation consoles with additional new updates including content that is exclusive to the new consoles and PC”, read an excerpt from last year’s earnings report.

It further reads, “There will also be a new standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online coming in the second half of calendar 2021 which will be available for free exclusively on PlayStation 5 during the first three months. Rockstar Games will share more details on the new versions of Grand Theft Auto V in the months ahead.”

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Questions were posed about Rockstar Games’ back-catalog and the franchise could gain from remasters. But, Take-Two Interactive didn’t offer clear answers to these questions. Though the publisher might avoid answering certain questions, some amount of information is bound to come off these conversations.

There are also expectations about important information about GTA 6 being revealed during E3 2021 that is scheduled to take place in June this year. Since Take-Two has been classified as a partner on the event, one expects Rockstar Games to register its presence prominently there. While one hopes to hear something about GTA 6 during the course of the event, what is quite certain is that the focus would be on GTA 5.

With Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online launching on Xbox Series X and PS5 sometime this year, E3 would just be the right venue to showcase its updated features and visuals.

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