Paid Cosmetics to Feature in Amazon MMO New World

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New World, which is scheduled to come out sometime in August, is a very important release for Amazon Game Studios.

This is because Amazon hopes that its release will pacify those fans who had been jilted by the multiplayer shooter game being canceled last year. A few gamers, however, are upset about the inclusion of a premium currency store in the alpha build of the game.

Rich Lawrence, who happens to be the Studio Director, tried to address the issues by ensuring the gamers that one does not necessarily need paid items to enjoy the experience of playing New World thoroughly. As was expected, most fans were quite dissatisfied with the explanation he offered.

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In a statement put up on Twitter, Lawrence emphasized the point that Amazon’s aim is to put together a store that will be beneficial for players and the kind where players would enjoy themselves. He further explained that Amazon has and will never try to conjure a sentiment about store items being important to enjoy the game. He conveyed the fact that only cosmetic items will be made available at the store initially. He also pointed out that the store is currently being tested and the reflected prices are not final.

This does not imply that the products on New World’s premium store will remain unaffected by gameplay. If Lawrence’s statements are authentic, Amazon Game Studios will soon start the process of putting out ‘quality of life’ items on their store which will be available to be bought. Some of the items that would be available for purchase include the ones which would be able to grant XP boosts or help players travel at a faster pace within the game. Lawrence, on his end, has ensured that gamers will continue to have the freedom of acquiring these items via gameplay.

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The availability of these items will be hugely dependent on how players perform during or after the months following the launch of New World. Lawrence, at the same time, has assured gamers that Amazon Game Studios will release any such items that threaten to make the game lose its balance. The team is also planning to put together a system that would implore gamers to experience the game to its fullest potential. Lawrence admitted that things like ‘fairness’ and ‘balance’ are largely dependent on the way a player interprets them. He has urged players to be a little patient as Amazon is currently testing the system and looking forward to feedback.

Lawrence concluded his observations by throwing some light on Amazon’s ideas for paid expansions and a ‘battle pass’. Though he is not at the liberty to share specific information about these at the moment, he stated confidently that the developer will run the necessary tests on the battle pass in due course of time to make sure that it provides good value without putting anybody in a spot.

Gamers on Twitter offered mixed reactions to the statements made by Lawrence. While a section of gamers found his explanations to be sensible, there were many who raised questions about the ‘quality of life’ items.

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