GTA Online Rolls Out Special Discounts for July 4th, Deals on Vehicles and Properties 

GTA 5 online

The U.S. Independence Day is here and in order to commemorate the big day on July 4th GTA Online in GTA 5 has announced some great deals.

The discounts are astoundingly good that you could actually purchase lots of virtual currency then spend them on buying properties, vehicles and weapons to enhance your social life in the fictional city.

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The entire theme is focused on red, white and blue because it represents the American flag. Irrespective of where you live in the world, if you love GTA Online and the numerous things it offers, you could comfortably make the purchases when they are all being sold for outright low prices. Some of the popular and crowd favorite items include the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt and if you take part in the Missile Base Series, they will reward you with double RP and in-game GTA currency.

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Independence Day Sale is On

The special occasion is being celebrated on all popular games like Minecraft, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Fortnite and GTA Online. The GTA 5’s multiplayer version of the game has some great discounts that this is the best time to enhance your collection like never before. The Monster Truck named Liberator, yachts and lots of arcade properties are being sold at half the price or sometimes even lower. In the end, it is always up to the player to decide what kind of items they would love to own as the sale list is rather large.

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Some players may have accumulated on lots of cars, flights but will have very little space to store them all. This is the time to have your own Hangar or expand the one you already have. The deal offers over 70% discount in bunkers, hangars and storage facilities. Rockstar is already celebrating its jump into the PlayStation 5 console by providing PS Plus members $1 million in virtual currency. They will be able to make a whole lot of purchases by making use of the huge deals available now.

The discounts are fairly large as they go up to 50% and even 70% on all bunkers, hangars. The vehicles that you purchase during this period can easily be stored here and you can retrieve them whenever you are in the mood for an adventure. There are lots of additional fun stuff to explore including new clothes, masks, USA Parachute bag, face paint and haircuts. This enables your character to stand out from the crowd.

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