A Sims 4 Player Puts Together A Gorgeous Cottage Home


The Sims 4 provides players with an array of house-building tools that enable them to put together different types of architectural structures ranging from contemporary apartments to palatial homes.

While it is common to see players letting their imagination run wild and come up with big houses, we see somebody creating something unique on rare occasions.

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Recently, a Sims 4 player showed everybody in the game that you need not create something ‘huge’ to make an impression. The player managed to put together a beautiful cottage that boasts of great aesthetics and exudes a certain amount of warmth.

Launched in the year 2014, The Sims 4 has emerged as one of the best social simulation gaming franchises in the world. In these gamers, players get the opportunity to control the movement of characters that are human-like and are referred to as Sims. The player determines the kind of lives Sims will get to lead. The many building tools, that the games in the franchise offer, are one of its USPs. Using these tools, players get to furnish or design their houses in several innovative ways.

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Heatherdukefanboy (the user) shared a screenshot of the Sims cottage designed by them on the /r/Sims4 community on Reddit. As soon as the screenshot was put up on the online community, fans started congratulating the user on creating such a tastefully designed cottage. The detailing that had gone into putting together the cottage caught the eyes of many and this was one aspect that stood out.

Sims 4 cottage

The cottage has been built closer to a river in a location that seems to boast a lot of greenery. A stone fence has been together around the cottage to define its boundaries. The cottage, which has been designed and built with the help of wood and stones, complements its natural surroundings well. Located in the Windenburg area, the cottage is a unique blend of contemporary design and a traditional architectural mindset.

The exterior portion of the cottage has stony walls along with a garden area. The ‘wild’ theme of the cottage is perfectly in sync with its surroundings. The user has used a limited number of building tools but they have used them very wisely. Perhaps, here is a lesson for those players who take up a large number of building tools and then, end up putting together a structure that doesn’t make much sense.

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