GTA Online Halloween Bunker Series: Here’s What You Can Expect


Triple Rewards, Survival Rounds and a Serial Killer: Here’s All That You Should Expect From GTA Online Halloween Bunker Series 

Halloween is just around the corner and a game that you must try out during this season is the GTA Online Halloween Bunker Series. The Halloween mood is all over the game what with a serial killer ready to attack the players and several other jump-scare moments packed in to take the players by surprise.

The stakes are high in the Halloween series and the dangers are more prominent than ever. Such is the environment that players do not feel safe even in the underground bunkers. Adversary Modes have been designed to put their survival instinct and other skills to the test. Just one mistake can lead them towards exiting the game.

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For this Halloween Bunker series, GTA Online is providing players with special bonuses. Players have an opportunity to earn triple the rewards by tackling the Adversary Modes. Once they select a job for themselves, they will start experiencing all that the Halloween series has to offer step-by-step. No doubt, many players would try going the extra mile in the hope of winning these rewards. What the Adversary Mode in the Halloween Bunker Series aims to do is test the fight and flight response of the players.

Here is a lowdown of the different survival rounds in the game.

After the kind of response it received last year, GTA Online players are looking forward to the Halloween Bunker Series making a comeback this year.

The gaming series is supposed to have a total of eight players. One of the players will be the Slasher. Wielding a shotgun in his hand, he is expected to hunt the other players. The Slasher gets just three minutes to do the job at hand. Once these three minutes get over, the remaining players will get to use the shotguns. The player, who wins the maximum number of rounds, will be the winner of the game.

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The player can choose from three slasher maps. The areas they will be maneuvering through will be poorly lit and difficult to move around in without the use of a flashlight. That being said, the flashlight must be used discreetly, so that it doesn’t give their opponent any idea about their position.

To succeed in the game, the Slasher must be swift in his movements and make his plans fast. Memorizing the layout of the map is an important tip for getting ahead in the game. Though it’s not an easy task to do, you will remember a couple of important routes after playing the game for a while.

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