GTA San Andreas Gets Inside The Metaverse Through Oculus Quest 2

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

During an event that was organized to give the world a glimpse into its future projects in the VR space, Facebook touted to be rechristened Meta, shared the news that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is being developed and programmed for Oculus Quest 2.

A few hours ago, Mark Zuckerberg presided over the opening Facebook Connect Keynote event in which different VR-based projects and plans for the company’s ambitious metaverse were shared. Zuckerberg shared information about how his company aims to work towards blending VR into its social media platforms.

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For GTA fans, the highlight of the event was Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement about a version of GTA San Andreas being readied for the Oculus Quest 2. Zuckerberg said that he truly believes in GTA San Andreas being “one of the greatest games ever made” and by integrating VR into it, players will get to experience it in a completely new avatar.

Not much is known about this ‘VR version’ of the game but San Andreas’ VR port is most likely to be built upon its remastered version that was announced recently. The remastered GTA games will be released on all major platforms on November 11.

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It is important to note that VR mods for the GTA games have been in existence for several years now. You have the option of playing several games like GTA V in Virtual Reality mode. In fact, one can also play some of the older GTA games in VR too. These VR mods might come across as a little complicated initially but if you keep experimenting with them, you will get a hang of them soon.

Apart from the announcement about GTA San Andreas, Facebook gave a glimpse of a few other VR environments that are currently in the development stage.

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