Amazon to Take Alexa Further with Home Security Cameras, Will Alexa Get Eyes Next?

Amazon Alexa Security Cameras

Amazon seems to be all set to take Alexa a step further in making your home safer, with a home security camera.

Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant is already a favorite in several homes, with the assistant accompanying Echo as well as Echo Dot. Alexa has been dominating the sales last year and is a clear winner, being among the top selling products of the company.

Amazon Alexa Security Cameras

Taking Alexa One More Step

Now, Amazon is gearing up to take Alexa a step further, as there are reports that the company is working with the artificial intelligence in order to ensure home security. Some images have surfaced and they show a security camera with Amazon branding, having a blue ring around the lens. There are rumors that Amazon has started building a smart camera along with support from Alexa in a bid to compete with other manufacturers. The image was first published by AFTVnews and it was reported as sitting on the company website,

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Leaked Images

The images leaked shows that the security camera comes with unique designing, when compared to other such devices presently available. The Alexa camera seems to be small and self-supporting, resembling Nest Cam and Canary Flex. The pod on the camera is long and comes with an LED lens, being surrounded by a ring in light blue color. The pod has a base that will enable the camera to turn around covering all spots. There are also 4 infrared sensors present on the lens’ four sides, in order to take pictures in low light conditions.

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Echo/Echo Dot

The blue ring is similar to the one seen on Amazon Echo and it could mean that the security camera will function like the Echo or the Echo Dot. There are also rumors regarding the blue ring, suggesting that Amazon Alexa security camera could be activated by voice. This is further substantiated by the fact that two small holes are visible on the camera pod’s top portion. These holes could be microphones that are inbuilt in the device, for receiving voice commands from the user. If these rumors are true, Amazon is possibly producing its own device to take on Nest Cam. However, Amazon has not confirmed any of these rumors.

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Echo Artificial Intelligence

The VA, Alexa, is the unique feature of Amazon Echo, being a huge hit in the AI scene. In fact, some of the competitors like GE, Ford, LG and others claimed at the CES 2017 that they would also develop products supporting the AI of Amazon. However, Alexa does face some challenges, mainly in the form of Microsoft’s Cortana and the Google Assistant. Even Apple will probably increase support for Siri to all other devices, other than the iPods, the iPads and the iPhones.

Echo Dot

Getting Eyes

Amazon Echo’s Alexa is already an excellent listener and this latest report suggests that Alexa might also get eyes next. It might probably be keeping an eye on your home and offering home security next, according to this scoop. However, it is still too early to make any confirmations, as Amazon has a policy against making comments on any rumors.

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