Android 15 Preview Leaked by Google; They’re Available on These Devices

Android 15

Google has finally made an official release of the first test build of Android 15 for developers to work on building apps to support this version of the manufacturer’s operating system.

As this release is just the first developer preview, all new aspects of Android 15 are not mentioned. More will be known in the upcoming builds. However, Android 15 will have enhancements for performance, security, and privacy along with a few others.

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Privacy Sandbox and Android Health Connect

The Privacy Sandbox feature by Google is updated in Android 15. This means that digital advertising oriented apps and websites have restricted access to user data.

The Android Health Control feature that focuses on collecting health data by apps with support for this feature will also be updated.

Android 15 also incorporates new APIs that assist developers in app performance optimization and lower power consumption. Apps that feature several background operations will benefit from this.

Camera and Screen Recorder

Third-party apps benefit greatly from what Android 15 has to offer. They have more control over the camera hardware and gain access to the features of the camera app. As a result, users can capture better-quality shots using third-party apps. The screen recorder allows users to record app-specific contents rather than the complete user interface.

According to an earlier report from another source, Android 15 may allow shortcuts to be created for some apps on the home screen so that they can be accessed easily in multi-window mode.

Eligible Phones and Smartphones for Android 15

The first preview is be available only for Google’s smartphones and tablets powered by the manufacturer’s Tensor SoC. These include Pixel 8 and 8 Pro; Pixel 7, 7 Pro and 7a; Pixel 6, 6 Pro and 6a; Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.

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All Samsung smartphones that received the Android 13 update will receive this update as well. A few Samsung devices with the Android 12 or earlier version of the update are also eligible for new version.

There will be four beta versions and two developer previews before Google releases Android 15 for public use which is expected in October. This final release is scheduled first for Pixel devices after which it may take a few weeks or months for Samsung devices to get the update. This delay is to account for the adaptability of the operating system to Samsung’s One UI overlay.

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