Android Nougat 7.0 Runs on 2.8% Android Devices with 1.6% Increase, Hefty Gains for Android

Android 7.0 Nougat

Google Android Nougat, 7.0, version of the OS is now running on 2.8 % of active Android phones and devices, which is a marked increase of 1.6% from figures in February.

The latest distribution data from Google Play shows a significant increase, with Google having updated the distribution data on Google Play for the seven days period that ended with March 6th 2017.

Android Nougat 7.0

Increase Confirmed

The latest distribution figures confirm that 2.4% active Android devices are currently using the Android 7.0 version, with the upgraded Android 7.1 version present on a smaller 0.4% of the devices. The latest information regarding the different shares of various Google OS versions shows that Android M, Marshmallow, has a share of 31.3% of all Android devices checking into Google Play. This is an increase from the previous data of 30.7% for Marshmallow devices, marking an increase of 0.6%. However, Android Marshmallow does not seem to be the OS that is most used among Android versions this month and Android Lollipop has replaced Android M for the month of March.

Android Lollipop Share

According to the data released recently by Google, the Android Lollipop has got a share of 32.5 % among active Android phones and devices. The Android Lollipop version 5.0 runs on 9.4% of Android devices, whereas the Android Lollipop version 5.1 runs on around 23.1% of the Android devices that checked into the Google Play app. In the previous month, the share was more at 32.9% for Lollipop. The Developers webpage of Android shows that Android KitKat version is used by 20.8% of active Android devices, which is less than the figures for last month, which was 21.9%.

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Other Versions

The latest data also shows listings of other OS by Android, namely Android Jelly Bean, which has a much smaller share of 10.6% in active Android devices. The Android 4.0, IceCream Sandwich and the Android Gingerbread have only a 1% share each, according to the latest distribution data received from Google.

Android IceCream Sandwich

Nougat’s Presence Felt

The figures or percentages that are mentioned above are gathered based on the Android devices that visit the Google Play application. The Google Play app only supports devices running on Android 2.2 or above.

Nougat seems to be making its presence felt and it is follows that the percentage will increase with more and more Android phones getting the Nougat update. When it was officially launched in August last year, it started with a tiny share of 0.3%. Given the list of smartphones that will very soon be receiving the Android Nougat update in the near future, the presence is sure to increase.

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