Apex Legends Makes Unexpected Change for Season 19 Battle Pass

Apex Legends

Players have the option of pre-ordering the battle pass for Season 19 now.

As Season 18 of Apex Legends comes to a close, Respawn Entertainment is gearing up to introduce players to Season 19. The battle pass for the new season is now up for pre-order. Through this facility, players would be able to purchase the primary reward track designed for the next season in advance. However, it also features a bonus that could end up confusing a lot of players who wish to buy it.

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October 31 is when Season 18 of Apex Legends is expected to wind up. The next season, which has been named Ignite, will be launched soon after the existing season comes to a close. Though players are still waiting for a lot of things to be announced, Conduit has been revealed as the newest Legend for the game. Respawn Entertainment is bringing in a plethora of alterations to Ranked in Season 19 of Apex Legends. Once these changes are implemented, the game will become far more interesting for players. Players can also look forward to the introduction of the customary battle pass in the game.

Though the content that will be a part of the battle pass has not been revealed as yet, Respawn has put it up for pre-order. According to a Twitter user named KralRindo, players have the option of buying the regular version and premium bundle at the same price. The pre-order edition of each pass is loaded with 50 stars which is equal to having 5 levels for free.

All the seasons of Apex Legends have been received well by gamers. And now, Respawn would be looking forward to seeing the kind of response Season 19 gets. Players, meanwhile, are curious to get some information on all the fresh content they will get to explore with the arrival of this new season. If one goes by the kind of content the earlier seasons of the game brought to the fore, Season 19 should bring in a bunch of new Legend Skins, cosmetics and a reactive weapon skin.

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