Apex Legends Releases New DDoS Protection Designed For Players With a High Rank

Apex Legends season 16

Respawn Entertainment has announced the launch of a new DDoS protection layer for high-ranking Apex Legends players.

Respawn Entertainment has finally realized its plans of launching new DDoS protections for the players of Apex Legends who enjoy a very high ranking.

Apart from the players, even YouTube and Twitch streamers remain at a high risk of being under the threat of a potential DDoS attack.

Apex Legends can be easily targeted by multiple opponents who are willing to do anything to win a match. They are also targeted by trolls who just like attacking players just for the heck of it. Random attacks, too, are quite common in the game. To give the credit where it’s due, Respawn has taken several important steps in the past to ensure players can enjoy the game in a healthy, competitive manner.

Those who have been playing this game for a while are well aware of the fact that DDoS attacks are extremely common. In the year 2021, Respawn made an announcement about taking important steps to resolve a major issue with Apex Legends DDoS. It even went to the extent of banning several players and threatening to take legal action against them. Respawn also took the initiative of making Steam Networking Code a part of Apex Legends through its much-talked-about Awakening patch that was rolled out in 2022.

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Respawn, through an official announcement made on Twitter, confirmed the fact that a new anti-DDoS feature has been turned on. The newly launched DDoS protections have been carved out for those players of Apex Legends who have managed to secure a high rank for themselves in the competition.

Apex Legends players, who have managed to secure different types of rankings like ‘Master’, ‘Predator’ and ‘Diamond’, will notice the presence of a small-sized shield symbol closer to their server. This particular symbol confirms that additional DDoS protections are active at a particular point in time. While there is not much clarity about what this newly designed technology can do, one should get a better idea about it in the near future.

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