Apex Legends: Team Deathmatch Feature Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans

Apex Legends season 16

Apex Legends’ 16th season is all set to launch the Team Deathmatch mode and players are not sure how it will pan out!

A section of Apex Legends fans is extremely disappointed with how teams are being put together in the Deathmatch mode that will arrive in the next season.

Apex Legends’ 16th season will feature several modifications that will change the gameplay in multiple ways. Fans, however, are of the opinion that a few changes could be made to the new LTM before it gets an official launch.

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Team Deathmatch, as one could guess from the name, happens to be a new LTM in the game that gets two teams, comprising of six members each, to compete with each other. To win a particular round, you need to have at least 30 kills to your credit. Team Deathmatch seems to be planning to include a fast-paced, dynamic that would bear a strong resemblance to Control LTM that one came across in Apex Legends.

A Reddit user named Lilbentley shared a tweet originally posted by Apex Legends News. According to this tweet, each Team Deathmatch team would feature two groups that would have three players each. So, a player would get the opportunity to collaborate with just two of its team members despite their team having as many as six members. Lilbentley went ahead and asked the online community of Apex Legends fans to share their thoughts on this development. The response shared by fans made it evident that this decision didn’t work well for everyone.


What you guys thinking about that ? from apexlegends

The thread registered more than 2.1k upvotes and this clearly shows that a large number of fans had a lot to say about this. Some players also pointed out that it had several drawbacks and it would hamper the gameplay significantly. It would be interesting to see how Respawn responds to this feedback.

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