Team Fortress 2 Major Update Sighted, Valve Shows Some Love to its Fans

Team Fortress 2

Valve has been a notorious company for nearly ditching some of its major franchises throughout the decades.

While Team Fortress 2 is easily one of them that is popular for decades now and continues to find love among its hardcore fans, the original developers hardly provided attention to its content or new maps.

Driven entirely by the mods community, Team Fortress 2 often receives exciting new content, maps, skins, and much more often from the fans. Not from Valve up until now because what was rumored as a leak a couple of weeks ago is now confirmed. The official developers at Valve are going to give some attention to the beloved franchise as TF2 has been promised a major summer update. Relying on any leak related to Valve is usually murderous on your hope train because Half Life 3 never happened, even to this date.

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Exciting New Content, TF2 Live On!

Team Fortress 2 happens to be an iconic game even though not as popular as Counter Strike Global Offensive. It is great to see the developers from Valve finally promising some quirky new taunts, a bunch load of skins that you could dress your favorite characters with and most importantly some new maps. The fighting always gets exciting when you have access to exciting corners in new locales.

The official blog post from the development team confirmed this will be a full-on update that fans could look forward to in the next few months. They have provided a couple of items in the past summer updates, but this will be much larger, a far more exciting thing to play with your friends.

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Despite being hard on their ardent fans, the team has never skipped to provide gameplay updates, minor tweaks, and bug fixes. Being a title released more than a decade ago, it is a pleasant surprise to see the development team supporting the title with an actual update.

The last big launch happened a long time ago during the 10th-anniversary celebrations for Team Fortress 2. This time Steam has encouraged the community to upload any items that players fancy as there is no pre-defined theme for this upcoming update so far.

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