The Witcher 3 Performance Issues Continue Despite 4.01 Next Gen Patch

The Witcher 3

Bringing the Witcher 3 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is a feat by itself! The game astoundingly transcended from nearly a decade-old visuals to the best the developers could offer.

The unintended exposure of male and female genitalia was met with an apology statement from the developers at CD Projekt Red. They clarified that nudity was never part of the plan and all female or male characters were supposed to be like Barbie dolls, void of any organs when naked.

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Thankfully, the nudity didn’t create any huge uproar like how things went down South for Cyberpunk 2077. The situation is under control for the Witcher 3 but eager fans are still not able to play the game with improved visuals on the next-generation consoles.

Performance Issues Continue

With the release of the next-gen patch 4.01 for the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, most players and the development community are expected to experience an amazing gameplay experience. However, much to their dismay the game performs bad on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. These two consoles are supposedly far superior in terms of raw hardware power and can comfortably compete with most mid-range or even some high-end computers.

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Based on the visual population and demanding locales in the game, players confirmed that the title dipped in frame rate. Every last player spends $500 or even more on a powerful console to experience undeterred frame rates, but PC gamers are quite familiar with such dips in the past. It is up to the developer to deliver it in their future patches, if not 4.01.

Patch Woes Continue on More Titles

The Witcher 3 with this latest patch was designed to provide ray traced global illumination,  improve performance, visual fidelity and overall stability of the game. While it didn’t create any new issues, a dip in frame rates will affect the overall gameplay experience. The patch woes continued for a Ubisoft title Division 2. The 11th season for the title was delayed as the developers announced they were unable to make any client or server-side updates due to an error in the build generation system.

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