Apple Airpods 3 Will Adopt In-ear Design like iPods Pro, Early 2021 Launch

Apple AirPods 3

The AirPods Pro first made the big change to ensure a tight fit. It seems the Apple AirPods 3 will follow suit and adopt the same design when it gets launched in early 2021.

The in-ear design is a big change for the Apple family. The company has been focusing on their earphones by using a conventional design for nearly a decade now.

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The information comes from none other than Ming-Chi Kuo, a popular analyst who has revealed the sales of Airpods so far. Based on the tabulated data, it is obvious that Apple has hit the gold mine with this one product.

It has sold extensively well in all regions and it seems the company is going to further expand its market by launching the third edition of the headphones. The new product will definitely build upon the base model with better features, better pricing and much-improved sound quality.

Embracing New Form Factor

The problem with AirPods as noted by hundreds of users is that it could easily fall off your ears when jogging or moving at a fast pace. There are tens of pods found on the Newyork Subway and around the world where people lose one while they are in a hurry to reach their destination. While Apple enjoys the advantage when people buy one of the pods alone by paying extra, it is good to see them finally addressing the issue.

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The in-ear design found in the Apple AirPods Pro allowed users to have the tightest fit possible. While it helped them in offering active noise collection, the same is now being implemented in all earphones to offer better fit and music quality. In theory, the implementation should also help control the loss of earphones issue that continues to happen in all parts of the world where Apple users use it.

Based on his predictions, the new AirPods 3 will sell 28% better in 2021 compared to the models released so far. iPhone 12 is the next big model scheduled for launch before the end of 2020 and when they do so, the company plans to completely remove the inclusion of an earbud with the bundle. It will ensure people will have no other choice but to purchase the wireless AirPods as the sole option to make phone calls and listen to music. It is expected to be revealed during the September 2020 WWDC conference.

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