Apple iOS14 Widgets are a Huge Deal as it Finally Beats Android

iPhone 14

Google’s open-source Android OS continues to be ahead of features and facilities despite all the bugs and glitches that plague the platform.

Apple takes a slow and steady approach in this regard. The new Apple iOS14 widgets are definitely a big deal for anyone who is a big fan of the operating system and doesn’t like the laggy style found in most Android phones.

In other words, if you are an Apple fanboy, it wouldn’t hurt to say that Apple has finally beat Android on various grounds. The inclusion of widgets makes every iPhone much more productive than it has ever been. Besides, the developers and designers have managed to incorporate lots of information on the home screen so that users don’t have to keep swiping left and right too many times in order to get what they are looking for.

Being Able to Organize Your Apps

An excellent and most lauded feature of the Apple WWDC 2020 announcement is the ability to organize multiple apps into a single view. The sections are automatically split into suggestions, recently added and so on. Your favorite app or the most used one is just a fingertip away that makes using the iOS14 operating system far more seamless than it has ever been.

 Apple iOS 14 widgets

Widgets are Fully Customizable

Next comes the crowd favorite, the widgets on Apple iPhones! Finally! It is not surprising that Android users often ridicule Apple followers for blindly trusting a company that didn’t release so many new features already available on Android OS.

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Your patience has finally paid off and the same goes for millions of users who love how smooth, lag-free iPhoneOS is. The newly launched widgets are amazing as you can easily modify their size and placement to your liking. The only catch is that you won’t be able to choose what you want because the iOS will automatically determine what you might need based on the time of the day.

Multiple widgets will be stacked on top of one another and you can swipe to access the right one. Picture in Picture is another new functionality that is the second-best after Apple iOS14 widgets. You can now continue watching movies and videos while other apps are still running in the background.

 Apple iOS 14 widgets

Users will also get a better version of Siri that has an improved UI and can think better than it has been through the years. Overall, the iOS14 launch is a grand success and something every Apple user should look forward to downloading once available.

Apple iOS 14 widgets

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