WhatsApp Will Soon Supported Animated Stickers like Telegram

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Compared to the phenomenal phase that Telegram is gaining popularity as the go-to messenger these days, WhatsApp is fast catching up with lots of amazing new features including Animated Stickers.

The app’s stability, performance and the ability to express oneself have been significantly improved compared to how things used to be in the past.

According to the latest update from WABetaInfo, a trusted source for WhatsApp related rumors and leaks, it looks like the developers are working on animated stickers. If you have already used Google Hangouts or Telegram to send stickers, you would have noticed that they are not only extremely colorful and fun but also animated.

The WhatsApp animated stickers actually move like a small gif with emotions on various characters. There are even options where you could actually purchase sticker packs or download your pick from a wide range of stickers available right away. The problem with WhatsApp is that the developers tried to implement voice calling and the ability to send or receive money through the app. For some odd reason, they choose to miss out on the important features such as stickers, gifs or other interactive things that make messengers fun to use.

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With no possible competition in sight, they managed to go slow but things have started to speed up in recent times. The company has been aggressive in launching lots of great features and improving the overall stability of the app on both iOS and Android.

Latest Update

The update versions beta edition is available on Android while iOS users should down if they like to check out animated stickers. In case, it doesn’t work as intended on your smartphone make sure to backup all your messages and reinstall the app. Most users have reported that it works when they do so or else you can wait for an official rollout.

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Sticker Features

Based on the information available, you will be able to save, send and view animated stickers within the app’s interface. It is also possible to import new stickers from third party sources, both paid and free variants. The WhatsApp Store will ensure you get support for new products regularly so that there is no dearth of stickers to send to your friends and loved ones.

The feature is not available for everyone at this point but it is expected to be available in different regions. WhatsApp always follows the trend so as to support without any technical glitches when new features are introduced.

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