Apple iPad Pro (2024) Misses Out on These 5 Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Features

Apple launched a set of new tablets yesterday including the latest iPad Pro that has been vouched as the best tablet from the manufacturer in the refreshed range. The iPad Pro directly competes with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

The Apple tablet has a thinness of 5.1 mm making it very slightly less bulky than the Samsung counterpart with 5.5 mm thinness. However, there are some noteworthy areas where the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra gains the upper hand over the Apple iPad Pro (2024).

#1 Nano-SIM and eSIM Support

While both tablets offer eSIM support, Samsung has gone a step ahead to offer nano-SIM support on the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. This is a great advantage because eSIM networks are not available all over the world and users may want to insert a physical SIM to access mobile data on legacy and 5G networks. Apple fails to support this feature on the iPad Pro (2024).

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#2 Display Size

The Samsung tablet is thicker than the Apple tablet but makes up for this in terms of the display factor. Both tablets house OLED panels. However, Apple offers a 13-inch display and 86.9% screen-to-body ratio while Samsung delivers a 14.6-inch display and 90.7% screen-to-body ratio. The bigger size enhances the viewing experience for entertainment.

 #3 IP 68 Dust and Water Resistance

Apple seems to have forgotten the durability aspect while Samsung has considered this feature. While the iPad Pro (2024) has no protection at all, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra boasts an IP 68 protection class. This makes the Samsung tablet resistant to dust and water, which undoubtedly makes it more durable.

#4 MicroSD Card Slot

Apple has never been in favor of offering support for extending storage in its devices externally. The iPad Pro is no exception and there is no microSD card slot in the flagship tablet. External memory is not only a useful feature but also important for power users. Samsung understands this very well and has equipped its S9 Tab Ultra with a microSD card slot for external storage expansion.

#5 Price

Apple products have always been pricey and the same can be said of the iPad Pro (2024). The 256 GB model costs $1,299 while the 256 GB Galaxy S9 Tab Ultra is available for $1,199. Interestingly, the Samsung tablet has a price drop for a limited time and is now available for $1,049.

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