Apple iPhone 12 Mini is the Making, Strong Rumors Claim a Launch is Ahead

Apple iPhone 12

Every time Tim Cook goes on stage, they have this tradition of one more thing for a special announcement.

This year, despite the pandemic situation in 2020 the Apple iPhone 12 Mini is strongly rumored to be that special announcement that will change the game yet again. The successful launch of iPhone SE 2020 has encouraged them to make lower-priced devices with better power and this one could be that device.

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With so many iPhones in the lineup, Apple has already planned to reveal them in two different events. One of them will be in the usual schedule in the month of October where the main phone will be launched along with the Max and Pro editions. They could also have a new ANC headphone, an improved Apple TV 4K among many other announcements. However, if confirmed, the iPhone 12 Mini could definitely be a huge step into the budget market if priced at $600 or so.

Apple iPhone 12

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S20 FE edition at $700 for the 5G variant while their actual flagships cost $1000 or more. Apple faces a similar situation and bringing out a compact, powerful phone with some features removed at a lower cost would definitely push the market in their favor. After all, SE at that price point has become the undisputed king to get into iOS but without breaking the bank and a larger display would simply lead to better sales.

Multiple Rumor Sources

The rumor comes from MacRumors’ reports as they spotted the iPhone 12 Mini on Twitter. A user named Lovetodrem posted it which was further strengthened when another user DuanRu posted a silicon case for the smaller and newer phone. It even had the text iPhone 12 mini promptly printed on top of it. All these things when put together further confirm the claim that a surprise iPhone is in the making which will bring in a new player into the iOS market and further make them more affordable. When so many people couldn’t afford things due to economic issues, it is not surprising to see big firms come down and make sales at an inexpensive price point.

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As expected, the October event will reveal the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max whereas the iPhone 12 Mini is expected to replace the SE edition of today. While it may not do so immediately, they would rather refresh it towards the end of the year or in February. It will provide enough time for the current model to keep selling until another affordable version is launched, but obviously without a charger and ear pods in the box.

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