The Sims 4 is Getting a Massive Update in December, More Skin Tones


Players were consistently registering complaints that there are less darker skin tones while some opine the white ones aren’t fully justified.

As always, Sim Gurus have realized the situation and have confirmed that the Sims 4 will receive a massive update in December. There will be at least 100 new skin tones to choose from making it a great way for people to express themselves better in the virtual world.

The Sims 4 is not any other game but a title that has always allowed people to express themselves in more ways than one. The development team even rolled out expansion packs with unique career choices and an eco living pack, where you could enjoy living in a nature-friendly manner. The nifty knitting pack and tiny living further allowed people to choose how they like to lead their lifestyle. It continues to inspire millions of people on all platforms and not being able to choose your own skill color is definitely an issue that should be looked into.

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The issue further led to a situation where a petition and many other petitions were raised. The gamers wanted to have an answer from the Sims developers as to why there aren’t many dark skin tones to choose from. The hairstyles were also limited in numbers which further stuck the situation, making players unable to respond and look into the game as they would look into a mirror.


Assured Huge Update

Electronic Arts and Maxis, the people behind the Sims 4 franchise have finally assured that it will be a huge update. The update will be rolled out to all platforms in a sequential fashion which will include 100 new skin tones to choose from. It should obviously cover almost every player’s requirement and allow them to choose their looks, especially the darker skin tones.

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In the month of October which is just days to go from now, the base game update will provide uncompressed dark skin tones. The slider setting will make things much easier so that you can easily change it while new hairstyles will also be introduced as part of the big update in December. The Sims 4 fans are super excited to have received so much attention to their requests and they continue to receive some standalone expansion packs as well including the newly revealed Star Wars Journey to Batuu pack. It is going to a great holiday this year.

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