Apple iPhone 12 Mini Launch Expected This Month, Feature 64 GB of Storage


Apple iPhone 12 is all set for a grand launch in the month of October.

Along with the primary iPhone 5G edition, a slew of new models will also get launched. It includes a rumored Mini version which will be more affordable and is also being promoted as the next alternative for the existing SE 2020 model.

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By providing users a new iPhone at different price points including the top of the line that easily goes up to $1500, Apple wants to tap into the market that they previously didn’t do so. The iPhone SE 2020 priced at just $400 became one of the hottest selling iOS devices in 2020 despite the fact that a pandemic raged through the world. It clarified the manufacturer of the high level of demand that exists in the budget-friendly smartphone segment. A similar strategy has already been successfully implemented by Samsung that enjoys a huge share in the smartphone market and the concept of a cheaper iPhone 12 Mini could help Apple further get closer to their customers.

Apple iPhone 12

Rumored Specifications

Based on multiple Twitter rumors that have been consistently making their way to mainstream media, the Mini edition will be limited in terms of space. In order to keep costs under a specific mark, Apple will offer very limited 64GB of storage space. If you have already used an iPhone or an iPad with such storage limits, it would be easy to agree that it is one of the most difficult parts to deal with. Unless you are a casual user and really have no requirement to install too many apps or games, it shouldn’t be problem especially when the pricing is done right. Besides, there will also be a 128GB option and possibly a 256GB version at a higher price.

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The iPhone 12 Mini will be a compact phone which is something lots of users love to have these days. The display will be at 5.4-inches making it a compact and easy to use solution. When it comes to iOS devices, the smaller phones are a rarity. The only one available at this point is the iPhone SE 2020 and it won’t be long before the new rumored Mini might be brought in as a solid replacement. The pricing will play a role in making this iPhone more affordable and an easier to buy option for the masses. With just days to go for the big Apple event, we will know officially once the announcement is done.

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