Apple May Soon Bundle Arcade, Music and TV+ into a Packaged Subscription Model

Apple TV September

With so many subscription services to choose from a single brand, it might be easy for those who are already invested in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple is looking forward to bring all its subscription services into multiple tiers of bundles from which users can choose the one that best suits their usage scenario.

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If you love Apple Music and Apple TV+, it might probably be the most basic bundle at the least possible pricing to choose from. As you go up the tier, the subscription bundles will include different services such as Apple Arcade, TV+, Music and News+ as well as iCloud. The top of the line will have everything you could ask for. According to the official statement, the company will enable its customers to save at least $2 to $5 or more when they opt for this bundled solutions available.Apple new subscription model

In order to make things easier for those who have specific interest in the content offered in Apple Arcade or News+, there will be specific plans to choose from. The announcement is expected to be made in the month of October along with a new iPhone 12 launch. The date may also sync with the launch of multiple products including new iPads and the Apple TV box that has been around for years now without a refreshed edition insight.

Bundled Packages

A similar venture is already underway by Amazon to bring all their subscription services under one roof. For users who read a lot and love music, there is a plan and for shopping enthusiasts, it is easy to simply go with a Prime membership that focuses on a particular feature such as free shipping. Apple wants to do the same even though both these bundled solutions from different companies are yet to be made public.

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Apple will continue to offer the Family Sharing system so that if you purchase a bundle it can be used by six different people in the group. All digital goods including games, movies and music purchased online can be shared by the entire family. iCloud subscription will also be part of one of the bundles for those who need that additional storage space.

apple subscription plans

While they are still new to the subscription market with TV+ and Arcade as they are newly launched, Apple continues to make efforts to make it affordable and beneficial to purchase. Considering the large collection of streaming services available for customers, compelling content and pricing is a must for even big brands to stay afloat amidst competition.

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