Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gets Battle Pass Season 6 – Every Add-on Detailed

COD Warzone 2

Did you know you could actually make friends with a bat in the new Call of Duty Warzone update?

While Modern Warfare is an excellent single player title along with a solid multiplayer experience for hardcore COD fans, it was the battle royale mode that made the game so popular. With millions of players enjoying it for free on all consoles, it obviously gained more attention than most other games in recent times.

Riding the Subway

The Warzone map in Call of Duty is rather large when compared to most other multiplayer maps. It has been done in such a way to support the large player base. The newest feature to allow players to use Subway to fast travel to different locations make it much more convenient. There are multiple metro stations that you could simply use to move along with your teammates and take down the enemy. The train spots can also be ganked and if there is a fight going on in the train, the trains will not move unless it is safe to travel.

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Lots of New Weapons and a New Mode

The newly launched Armored Royale Mode will allow players to control a truck with a turret gun. Technically, you will be able to kill lots of players and the last team which stands with a truck or without one after taking down teams will be considered the winner. The new weapons include six different legendary choices to choose from and there will be lots of new blueprints to own.

call of duty warzone

The War Tracks will also heat up the battle as it includes Whats Poppin by Jack Harlow and Clipse’ Grindin to heat up the battle. In the multiplayer version of the game, there will be plenty of new maps including the Broadcast map from the original Call of Duty game. Tank Factory is another large map that supports up to twenty players and will feature two large buildings from where the battle will continue to rage.

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A slew of new modes have also been interested to keep Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone interesting. Kills Mode, Hardpoint Hills are some of the newly launched modes. There will be Killstreak Confirmed Mode is a minor change in the existing title and the Gun Game TDM mode allows two teams to fight to reach the target score at the earliest. With so much content comes a big update as it weighs close to 60 gigabytes on PC and similar numbers on the Xbox One, PS4 consoles as well.

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