Apple Website to Go Temporarily Offline, Hints at New iPhone SE Launch

iPhone SE Launch

Apple is going to launch new products and they probably have one or two of them lined up for March.

The latest rumor is that the new iPhone SE with improved specifications is getting launched today.

The company follows of tradition of shutting down their website temporarily so that they could update the page with new products and bring it back online again. The iPhone SE was launched in the month of March earlier which further adds strength to the rumor as Apple announced that their website will be down between 3:00 AM and 8:30 AM today. The timing also coincides with the fact that the brand always asks press people to assemble in their venue early in the morning before a product launch.

iPhone SE

While new devices like the iPad and the iPhone 8 might be launched with much fanfare, going for a subtle and low profile event for the updated iPhone SE sounds possible. The small yet powerful phone will receive a 128GB version if we are to believe the rumors with an improved processor with the second generation touch ID sensor and much better camera module.

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Surprisingly, the price of the current iPhone SE model has gone down to $300 and much cheaper in many other regions at the same time. Such price drops occur mostly before a renewed version of the same model gets launched. If the event is taking place as rumored, it’s just a couple of hours to go before the new model is launched. The phone is not groundbreaking by any means as it is made for people who like smaller screen size with powerful specifications and a good camera to go with it.

iPhone SE Launch

Samsung is going to launch their big Galaxy S8 flagship model on March 29th. The phone will compete with iPhone 8 which we won’t see for a couple of months until September. Apple is also expected to launch a new iPad with better specifications but the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPad will not be launched in the same event as they usually split it into two different press meets.

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If you are planning to go for a small, compact model that runs on iOS, picking up the iPhone SE current gen at the discounted price is a choice you couldn’t go wrong with as it will get the job done. The new models pricing will be close to the outgoing model to keep it affordable.

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