Aston Martin DBX Crossover Photos Released from the Factory

Aston Martin DBX Crossover Photo

The Aston Martin DBX crossover is already stationed in the South Wales factory.

New photos of the car got released online that gives a glimpse of how the car has been designed.

The automobile brand earlier confirmed that they are going to build DBX crossovers in this particular venue. The car is expected to be available in dealership stores in 2019. While there is no particular release date yet, we do know that it will be an important launch for the company and they have been working hard to ensure the crossover gets the best looks.

Aston Martin DBX Crossover

The upcoming DBX will directly rival biggies like Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne and the Lamborghini Urus. The list is pretty long as the two-door coupe is being designed in such a way that it stands out from the crowd. Promoted as Aston Martin’s best SUV yet, the concept model was originally revealed at the Geneva Motor show in 2015. Compared to many other launches in the past, the upcoming model is going to represent a huge changeover and the design elements will be implemented in all future Aston Martin cars.

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The upcoming DBX takes some of the traditional design cues the brand has been following through the years and giving it a modern outlook. The wide grille is pretty much an Aston Martin regular in all their models which is now accompanied by sleek front fascia. The right height has been considerably increased making it more practical. It also clearly indicates that the brand is not interested in making it a sports car but rather for the people who drive it on a regular basis.

Aston Martin DBX Crossover Photo

“With the DBX, we are bringing in a crossover GT which will in the end turn into a complete five door model. However, the good news is even though it is being designed as a two-door coupe, there is no need to make any major changes to mount a five-door model on the same platform. The electric powertrain is one of the most energy efficient choices we can go with at the moment. It has turned into more of a requirement for some customers and we like to deliver what they need,” commented Marek Recihman, who happens to be the design director at Aston Martin.

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The design director added that it is not a production ready sports car and the idea is to create a sustainable, relevant car for the masses. It also expands their portfolio added Marek.