Battlefield 1 DLC is Coming, New Teaser Confirmed it

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts enjoyed a roaring success.

The game’s first downloadable content is about to be made available and the team released a new teaser video to confirm it.

The game featured one of the best single player campaign in the entire Battlefield series. It also introduced World War I situation in such a modern graphics engine. However, some of the important events from the WWI is missing and they will be part of these upcoming DLCs. The developer revealed a new teaser and confirmed that They Shall Not Pass DLC is coming next week.

Battlefield 1

The teaser video was released on their official Twitter account. Based on previous announcements, it is known that the upcoming content is based on the French faction. The entire storyline, only the multiplayer aspect of the game will be focused on the French army. It includes new outfits, weapons, maps and other objectives to achieve. Battlefield 1 will have a couple of DLC launches which will further expand the game and make the multiplayer version more competitive than it already is.

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However, the video doesn’t show much of the gameplay and is very short. It shows a man in a mask and a tank in action. The French flag can be spotted in the background. With multiple launches that took place throughout the past few months, nothing is much of a secret with regards to this downloadable content. It doesn’t deliver in the teaser but does look promising and might be worth the wait when it officially launches.

Battlefield 1 players can purchase They Shall Not Pass DLC as a separate add-on or if they get the season pass for the game, they are eligible to get all the content packs that will be made available throughout the year. If you are really interested in the game, it is much better to go with the premium edition with the season pass that not only includes all new maps but will also open up weapon kits, outfits and other customization content to keep the battle going.

Battlefield 1 DLC

The game had some great offers in the EA Origin store for PC gamers, especially when you buy Battlefield 1 along with Titanfall 2. Both received rave reviews and offer a great first person shooter multiplayer experience on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can enjoy vast combat in the DICE game while Respawn Entertainment developed Titanfall 2 is all about fast paced action in tight corners.

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