Bethesda Announces The Date For Steam Migration

Bethesda skyrim

After offering its services to gamers for six years, Bethesda Game Launcher is now in the process of getting all its games migrated to Steam.

In a blog post published in February this year, Bethesda had made an announcement about its plans to pull the curtains on its game launcher. In the same blog, the team expressed its gratitude to the fans for their support and assured them that their currency, along with their games, shall remain safe.

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The process of getting Bethesda games migrated to Steam would not be very simple and shall necessitate some efforts being put by its users as well. A while back, Bethesda had assured fans that it will be providing them with an elaborate guide on April 27. This is the date on which the migration is slated to take place. The wallet of the gamers and the games will be a part of this extensive migration process. The Elder Scrolls Online is one game that will continue to have its own standalone launcher.

Before May 11, players will have the chance of getting their wallet and game library transferred to Steam. From this day, Bethesda Game Launcher will shut down for good. This information has been confirmed by a post published on Despite the service getting closed down, customers will continue to have access to their account. Bethesda, after all, uses these accounts to offers different kinds of services like in-game products, mods and exclusive updates.

As far as saved games are concerned, Bethesda has assured its customers by stating that it will offer elaborate instructions on the process of transferring them to Steam in a seamless manner. It has also stated that many of the games will get transferred automatically. It has promised gamers that they won’t face any inconvenience during this process.

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