No More Heroes 3 To Get Released on Multiple Consoles

No More Hero 3

No More Heroes 3, the much-awaited game from the house of Suda 51, has finally been released.

The game arrives almost ten years after No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, the last game in the series, was launched. No More Heroes 3 is a very special game as it concludes the long and bloody journey Travis Touchdown has had. Suda 51 has confirmed that this will be the penultimate game in the series.

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In No More Heroes 3, players can look forward to a highly stylized, action-oriented game that has everything that an adult gamer, with a penchant for violence, would want. In the game, Travis goes against the mighty Galactic Super Hero Rankings, comprising flashy alien leaders. Ever since it was announced, the game was exclusively available on the Switch. This, in a way, restricted the number of individuals who could try it out. However, now the gaming publisher is all set to release it on several other platforms this year.

A tweet posted by XSEED Games’ official account has brought to the fore the fact that the game will be soon ported to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. So, those who own PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series will soon get to play No More Heroes 3. Once the game is launched on these platforms, one expects that many of the issues that players came across while playing it on the Switch will be ironed out. The inconsistent frame rate of the game is one issue that one hopes will be resolved once it arrives on these consoles.

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This particular announcement has been accompanied by the release of brand new boxed versions of No More Heroes 3. Each of these boxes features special bonuses for fans of the game. One of the interesting things that you will come across when you unbox these is a beautiful art book comprising of the game’s concept art and other material. You will also find a CD featuring some of the most popular tracks from the game’s soundtrack. Also included is a license plate that shall remind you of a particular element in the game.

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