Big Changes on WhatsApp iOS Expected as Negative Reviews on App Store Rise

WhatsApp iOS

The introduction of Status messages on WhatsApp iOS and Android versions didn’t go well with users.

There has been a steady increase in negative reviews on the app store and the developer team is expected to bring back some of the features.

App StoreCompared to the Android version, the iOS version of WhatsApp has some minor differences. A common statement made by most users is that they are totally unhappy that the team removed the old status message and now wants users to upload new statuses every day. They want the old status back because it is easy to use, shows the date on which it was created and most importantly, people don’t want WhatsApp to pretend it is a social media platform like Facebook. It is a messaging app and supposed to be one at all times.

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According to a detailed review posted by a user who has collated and collectively voiced what everyone said, WhatsApp iOS should get old status back and Tagline. The app doesn’t support iPad till now which is pretty bad because it’s been so many years since the messaging app got launched yet it doesn’t work on the most popular tablet that has 4G LTE connection for years now.

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Another important query is to integrate Touch ID to protect conversations and make use of the fingerprint sensor available on Apple iPhone. It is expected to make messages more private especially when the company has plans to introduce a new app dedicated for business users. Additional privacy settings that allow you to select the list of contacts who will be able to see your last seen status. A similar feature is already available on the newly launched Status feature. Adding it to Tagline, profile picture as well along with last seen will provide the security and privacy that WhatsApp developers constantly talk about.

WhatsApp iOS

The developer team is also working on a standalone app named WhatsApp for Business. The concept has been constantly in the news for a while. By introducing structured messages, the new app aims to help small businesses maintain their clients in a streamlined. It will also allow them to manage customer contact lists with multi-agent support to run an efficient back end team. A rumored feature is the one that will translate text content live allowing people from different parts of the globe take part in team meetings.

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WhatsApp has already added Tagline back and then removed it. New changes to keep users happy are expected and the Status may undergo some minor modifications.

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