WhatsApp Beta for iOS Now Allows You to Know Who Read Your Status Message

WhatsApp for iOS

The quest for privacy continues as WhatsApp beta for iOS has introduced a new feature that allows you to know when your status message has been read by someone.

The development team has been really busy and launching new updates in both Android as well as iOS versions. Recently, they rolled out the ability to receive a notification if battery level is low during a WhatsApp call. The features are very similar on both operating systems but they are not being rolled out at the same time. There are different version numbers that brings a wide range of new features to the messaging app.

WhatsApp for Android

With the WhatsApp beta for iOS, you also have the ability to mute status messages. A new muted section with a familiar user interface will be part of the app. It will allow you to view those who are muted. There may be more features but it is not known at the moment as the app is still in its beta version. The ability to know who viewed your status message and when they did will make a huge difference! People use to share lots of information on their statuses which sometimes are not supposed to be viewed by others. iOS users can now either mute it and also know who is viewing them leading to much better privacy control.

Another interesting addition is for the beta version of WhatsApp on Android. You can directly respond to a person’s status. The option however is disabled by default and you have to manually activate it to be able to reply. The changes keep coming as the development team is testing their functionality in a closed beta environment continuously. The updates will be bundled together and be made available on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store in the near future. The team has been following this schedule for a long time now.

WhatsApp for iOS

They also added support for WhatsApp in Android 2.3.3+ devices but later removed it. According to an earlier announcement posted by a third party source on Twitter, the feature to support older Android devices was added but removed. The support could be added again but there is no update on the same so far. The developers believe that by withdrawing support for older devices, they can focus better on adding new features to the latest version of WhatsApp on Android and iOS platforms. Many of the proposed features will soon be available on the Web version of the app after the initial mobile rollout.

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