LEGO Worlds Not to Feature Various Worlds and Characters from Other Franchises

LEGO Worlds

Even before its official release towards the middle of March 2017, LEGO Worlds has won the hearts of millions of LEGO fans from all over the world.

Players have already started making guesses about the licensed properties and characters that will appear in the sandbox game. However, it turns out that developer Traveller’s Tales has something else store for gamers. In an online interview, Chris Rose, associate producer of the game hinted that the primary focus was on incorporating authentic LEGO themes. These include Minifigures, City, Creator and more. According to him, this strategy seemed to work well in developing the game. This announcement is likely to answer the queries of fans who expressed their desire many times for other franchise characters like Lego Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars packs.

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At present, the focus is solely on giving LEGO fans the traditional building experience they have with the standard LEGO game. However, Rose added that when steps are being taken to improvise the LEGO Worlds game, the developer will seek fans’ views and give importance to their feedback. Interestingly, the shapes of the bricks in this game will be different from the ones you have on a physical LEGO game. This gives gamers to try out other types of creation styles.

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Ross also points out one key area that players must pay attention to when they try to build circular objects. They are advised to make objects of this shape as big as possible. This is because the bricks available are shaped like cubes, with which it is not easy to create small circles. The bricks are sized and shaped to help you with creating structures smaller than their physical counterparts. But, this does not mean that LEGO Worlds focuses exclusively on miniature size structures. The game does allow you to experiment with the usual size creations or even slightly bigger.

LEGO Worlds

As they look forward to the game, enthusiasts must bear in mind that the March release is targeted for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. The upcoming Nintendo Switch will also render support for LEGO Worlds, but the release on this console will take place only at a later date. So, these fans will have to wait a little longer until they hear from Traveller’s Tales about when this is scheduled to take place.

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