Nintendo President Discussion on Switch Dock and JoyCon Problems, Sales Off to a Great Start

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo President has offered updates on the Switch dock and the JoyCon problems plaguing the Nintendo Switch device.

Reggie FilsAime, the Nintendo America prez offered these updates through an interview with the Time. It is suggested that users facing problems with the JoyCon or the dock should stay connected with the company and not try to rectify the problem with any DIY repairs.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon

Issues Facing Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has proved to be one of the fastest selling among consoles in the United States, as can be seen by the record sales in the past few days. However, there are some major questions raised regarding the left JoyCon and the dock of the device. According to Reggie FilsAime, the company is aware of the problems and has gone through the reports. The company has also begun the process of asking customers questions and will consider taking the next steps.

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No Technical Issue

The president of Nintendo, Reggie FilsAime, also added that there is no issue of widespread technical nature. All problems are also being tackled on a prompt basis, which includes the complaints about the left JoyCon and Bluetooth connectivity problems.

Spare Docks

Many owners of the Nintendo Switch devices have also found a problem with the dock and are asking for replacements. In response to these demands, the President of Nintendo said that some more spare docks would soon start being available. However, users must not expect that they will get a cable that is made by Nintendo for replacing the functionality of the faulty dock. According to Nintendo, the dock offers protection to the console and prevents it from getting C/HDMI cables, as these will be easier to carry.

Off to a Good Start

Nintendo’s Switch has been in the market for about a week now, being available at a price of $299 from March 3rd. It is a novel device and offers non-conventional possibilities, thereby inviting a lot of scrutiny. Five days on in its sale, it continued to become the fast selling gaming console in the US, beating the Wii and the Nintendo DS, both of which were launched during the holiday season.

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Problems Reported

A great number of the Nintendo Switch devices are now out in the wild, but not all of them are experiencing problems. Some of the devices are reported with problems, such as screen scratches when the device is moved into or out of the dock. There are also some JoyCon connectivity issues, when the wands on the motion control are freed from the device.

Consumer Feedback

Reggie FilsAime has claimed that they are still in the process of collection all the information that they can collect. The system has been launched very recently, so feedback from customers is very important. He stated that Nintendo had asked the users to send their feed back through the Nintendo Support page and post their questions there.

Nintendo Switch

JoyCon Sync

As for the JoyCon sync problems, FilsAime stated that they want to get more customers and users on the help line, in order to fully understand the problem. The company is in the process of finding facts and understanding the situation and the scenario. With the information, it will then take the next necessary steps.

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