BMW 8 Series Coupe and Convertible Cars Spotted Testing in Spy Video

BMW 8 Series Coupe 2018

The BMW 8 Series cars are being rigorously tested at the moment and a brand new spy video managed to bring them to the forefront.

BMW is going to align their car lineup in 2017 so that they are better prepared for the future. Instead of adding multiple series and retaining the existing model, the manufacturer is going to remove the 6 Series models from the lineup, according to recent rumor. However, they will bump up the existing 5 Series GT models so that they can fill the empty spot left by 6 Series cars. Joining the lineup will be the BMW 8 Series models, a long running speculation that seems to be finally shaping up if we are to go by the spy video.

BMW 8 Series Coupe 2018

The automobile manufacturer is aiming to go with a new motto – to build cars that are stronger, bigger and faster than their existing models. Besides, they will all be equally luxurious without any compromise setting the stage for a bright future for BMW cars. The objective is evident from the spy video that shows the convertible and coupe versions of the BMW 8 series being tested in rigorous conditions in Sweden.

Such extreme tests are always a welcome addition as most buyers would prefer to buy cars that are durable, reliable and can actually withstand tough weather conditions. Being a global automobile manufacturer, BMW is expected to be offer cars that satisfy customers in every part of the globe. The new 8 Series cars will set a new benchmark and it is speculated that they are planning to implement the robustness in all their future models.

Heavy camouflage is spotted on the convertible and coupe variants which confirm that the engineers have indeed made some big changes to the design. The series will offer much improved aerodynamics combined with better mechanics, luxurious finish and all the latest technology incorporated in it. It is difficult to comment on how sophisticated the interiors could look but BMW would surely be aiming to offer something substantial to gain that upper hand over their competitors.

2018 BMW 8 Series

The BMW 8 Series 840i and 840d models will be powered by six cylinder engines while the top end variant, the 850i will have a powerful V8 engine. The model can deliver a neat 450 horsepower but there’s another ultra high range, the M860i model powered by a V12 engine. The V12 model might hit the market in 2019 while other BMW 8 series cars including the coupe and convertible are expected to be out earlier.

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