Third Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon Announced by Game Freak

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon has always captured the hearts of people worldwide and its Pokemon Sun and Moon version has been no different.

Although the associated games have been well received by critics and have won a great commercial success, there has been a considerable slip or let down in terms of people involvement. The involvement is often very high in the initial stages, but tends to show a dip in the following days. Often, the Pokemon game sends out a global mission once every month for players across the globe to come together and participates to finish the goal with combined effort. The last two missions that happened in the past months were not accomplished successfully as players could not meet the goal requirements.

Pokemon Sun

The third and upcoming global mission has just been announced. This time around, the mission shows a striking disparity compared to its earlier counterparts. Yet, it will be similar in the sense that it requires worldwide participation to get done. But, it has been declared that to work on this mission, players will have to make use of the Global Trade Station (GTS). Using this, gamers will have to get actively involved in the trade of as many Pokemon as they can. It is worth bearing in mind that the GTS helps in swapping and searching for a definite Pokemon. In other words, this method assists in saving your collection of Pokemon online so that interested gamers can browse through them to check if they would like to have any of them. The system also allows you to take your pick for exchange of your Pokemon. The GTS is just one of various options available for trading these characters.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

The actual goal that has to be achieved for completing the third mission is yet to be announced by Pokemon Sun and Moon. So, excited players will have to wait a little more to know more details regarding this. However, keeping in mind that the last two missions failed miserably, there are very good chances of the game setting a more favorable goal that can be better achieved. It is only understandable that Pokemon will not want a failed mission for the third time in a row. An interesting point to be noted is that the second goal was actually designed to be more feasible than the first although neither yielded the desired result. Players can gear up for the third mission that is scheduled to last for a couple of weeks. Starting towards the end of this month on 31st January at 4 AM UTC, the mission will last till the closing hours of 14 February.

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