Nintendo Switch JoyCons Connectible to Desktop, Mac, Android, Using Bluetooth

Nintendo Switch JoyCon Connectible

It has been confirmed that the JoyCons on the Nintendo Switch can be connected to your PC, Mac or Android device using Bluetooth.

According to DreWoof, a YouTube user, players can connect the Switch JoyCons to these devices with the help of Bluetooth.

Pairing Controllers

The above video shows that as the JoyCons on the Nintendo Switch make use of Bluetooth for communicating with the device, the same controllers can also be paired with other devices that are capable of Bluetooth. At present, each of the JoyCons can be paired as one controller.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon

This means that only one of the JoyCons can be used for controlling in a two-player game. In case of the Nintendo Switch played in the handled version, both the JoyCons can be used in the form of one controller, but this is not supported, at least by default. However, players can make use of some other third party software and even some driver update for solving this problem in future.

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No Connectivity with iPads

The JoyCon controllers on the Nintendo Switch can presently be paired with a desktop or a Mac and even with an Android device, using Bluetooth. However, the controllers cannot be connected with an iOS device, such as iPhones and iPads. This is because the iOS devices make use of separate wireless specifications.

Unique Controllers

The unique selling point of the Switch from Nintendo is that it is capable of combining portable systems and home consoles, due to the use of its controllers, the JoyCons. It is good news that the JoyCons as well as the Pro Controller that has been released alongside, will be able to work on other devices as well.

Desktop Gamers

PC gamers will be happy with this news, as they can use the Pro Controller as alternatives instead of using the mouse or the keyboard, while playing games customized for console controls. The controllers can be synced with desktops with the Bluetooth settings on Windows.

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Two Separate Controllers

Once connected, the JoyCons of the Nintendo Switch connect in the same manner and two separate controllers are seen on the connected device. This means that both of them cannot be used simultaneously. However, hackers will soon be able to solve this problem and it will not pose much of a challenge, according to TechCrunch.

When connected through Bluetooth, all the buttons on the JoyCons work effectively. This means that when used in this manner, the JoyCon controllers will offer support for gaming involving two players and for titles that don’t need several button inputs. The connection of the JoyCons can only be done wirelessly and they will not get charged when using, even if you plug them using the USB Type C port.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon Connectible

Other Related News

In another related news regarding the Nintendo Switch, the Pro Controllers are completely sold out. It is Nintendo’s hope that the device will tempt players back to playing Miitomo. With the confirmation that the Pro Controllers can be used for connecting with several devices using Bluetooth, more users might rush out to buy them.


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