Call of Duty 2020 Black Ops Key Art Leaked through PlayStation Network

Call of Duty 2020 is the next big announcement expected towards the end of this year.

The last launch Modern Warfare became an excessively popular hit because of its free to play Battle Royale mode, Warzone. While one development company is busy releasing updates for it, Activision is gearing up to launch the next title which is expected to be Black Ops, according to a leak.

The supposed leak emerges from PlayStation Network and the people can only guess what the next COD game would be. After years of releasing so many titles back to back, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield are some of the franchises that took a break in between. They wanted to make sure their next big release reaps better sales than the previous launch which is why Modern Warfare became the apt pick for the season.

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Throughout history, with millions made in revenue, Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare and Black Ops have been the most successful franchises ever made. The multiplayer scene continues to stay intact which is now even better with the launch of Warzone. It enables anyone with a PS4, Xbox One or PC to join the battle in seconds. The idea of cross-platform made things even better as people from multiple platforms could join and play together in a competitive, survival environment.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Leaked Artwork on PSN

The leak comes from James Kiwami, a person who managed to wade through thousands of data files on the PlayStation Network. He managed to unearth the Call of Duty 2020 Black Ops key art which is developed by Treyarch. The game is identified with the code number EP0002-CUSA20074_00-COD2020INTALPHA1.

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Besides, he further adds that it has been designed to focus on the Cold War era. Going by the same route as Battlefield, Call of Duty may finally be going to its roots. Bringing back the long last era instead of modern warfare weapons and equipment will definitely be a welcome addition for the multiplayer scenario.

The font, the cold scenario in the background and the way the user puts it on Twitter, it all leads to a possible Black Ops game set in the cold war era. It may not follow the exact storyline from the BOIII but rather will establish into entirely new characters and the gameplay mechanics to keep players busy.

Besides, it should also have amazing zombies set in some great maps across Russia and the USA right?

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